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Why Baptist?

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Why Baptist?

Elmwood Missionary Baptist Church is proud of its Baptist heritage. We believe the Bible teaches:

These Baptist distinctives bind us to obedience to the Bible and set us apart from other denominations. This day and age we should pause to pay special tribute to the men, women, and children in ages past who suffered hardship, persecution, and martyrdom for these same important Bible truths. May we never take them for granted.

Our church is more than beams, bricks, lumber, siding, and shingles. It is the people and the members that give our church it’s life. Those people are the ones that have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord and have been baptized scripturally by immersion after salvation.

Our church is made up of people who have been led of the Lord by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to labor for the Lord in this location. We are people who worship and work together, side by side, for the glory of the Lord, while we dedicate ourselves anew to be faithful members till Jesus comes.